Thursday, January 1, 2009

My 2009 Goals

I've made my goal list for the New Year and thought I'd share it here.

Feel free to email me or comment if you catch me forgetting my goals at some point :)

2009 goals
-Increase weekly quality time with husband from 1 date/week at present where we really try to connect with one another
-Enjoy an international vacation together this winter (we love to travel!)
-Celebrate our 2nd anniversary with a coastal trip later this spring
-Plan at least 1 trip to see each of our families in their respective states (parents, sisters, brother, extended family)
-Continue community work/leadership
-Further develop our spiritual knowledge
-Try blogging!
-Continue funding retirement accounts
-Finish saving for a downpayment (goal: $2k/month)
-Sell excess belongs in preparation for a move and put all of that into downpayment account
-Eat healthily and maintain weight limiting white sugar/flour
-Learn to cook 1-2 new meals/week
-Exercise 5 days/week
-Continue education (complete 18/24 credits necessary to graduate!)


  1. Thanks for sharing your goals. It sounds like you have an exciting year ahead!

    I appreciate your visit to Finer Things and hope to "see you around!" Amy