Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Go big...

For your first giveaway!

At least that's the attitude over at confessions of a yummy mummy. She's got a super interesting story (yep, you gotta go read her blog to hear about her life- I'm not going to be the net gossip!) and over $200 worth of goodies in this basket including tgif gift certificate (yummy in our tummy! thanks mummy!), a dvd of serendipity (ok, not my fave romantic comedy but...), a box of godivas (mmmm, i'll eat those while watching the dvd and be in heaven anyway), a great camera strap so your neck doesnt get all scratched up and ya look chic, and $50 to Target. Oh yes, that alone has probably drawn nearly 500 of the 800 entries. But I want that restaurant certificate and the chocolates! YUM!

So, if I've got your interest in the blogger or the prize go to and check it out!


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