Friday, January 23, 2009

Still thinking about babies...

DH and I are still talking about trying for a baby this year. I'm nervous as I get older that it's going to take a while to stick. I'm nervous that as I get into my 30s the baby is predisposed to horrible conditions. I'm going to be a nervous nellie the entire 9 months. Who am I kidding???

MIL and I went virtual shopping together for several hours last night- baby outfits, baby nursery, maternity clothes. We didn't buy anything. We just went window shopping. I told her we haven't started trying yet (which is true) because I don't want her asking for a progress report each month ;)

This is one of the many cute goodies we found in our hours of research tonight. I think it's bad luck to plan a nursery and closet of clothes for a baby that doesn't exist yet. At least we haven't actually started shopping yet...


  1. Too funny! I am six months pregnant and haven't looked at a single baby item! I guess that is what happens with your seventh baby! I will probably start digging through the boxes soon though. I don't think I could need anything!

  2. I have a little bit of baby fever as well after I just had my birthday. The hubby isn't convinced yet! Good luck with your decisions :)

  3. So cute! It's not bad luck---it's just exciting! ;)