Tuesday, January 13, 2009

There's a baby on this brain

Lately I seem to be really hormonal. I want babies now. I have always loved children and have worked with them full-time since graduating college despite an initial college degree that had nothing to do with kids. I can't help it. I love kids. And I feel I really want to be a mother. We have reconsidered whether or not we are ready for children and whether we can support them. We fear we'll be sorry with our choice after its made and won't be able to take it back.

But I can't help but want them right now nonetheless. DH thinks we should wait one more year. I worry that if we don't start accepting them soon that they will never come. When will it be my time?


  1. If people waited until they could afford kids...most of us would not have any kids! If your struggling to make ends meet...don't have kids yet, but if your fine in that department...go for it!

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    Take Care

  2. I think about this ALL of the time!! Most of the time I am 99% for babies and then one day the idea will turn me off. Knowing that it's such a life-altering decision is hard to accept.

  3. Children change everything!
    I'm not saying they change it for the worse, or the better....it's just that life as you know it today, will never be that way again, once there is a child involved. It's a forever thing.
    They bring joy, and they bring pain.
    They are a blessing, and sometimes a curse.
    Depends on the day, lol!

  4. I think no one can ever be *truly* ready... yes, I'm sure you want to make sure certain things are in line and you're in an ideal place, etc etc... but I don't think there will ever come a day when you wake up and your life is perfectly in place to have kids. They'll rock your world no matter how prepared you are or aren't. And as far as money goes, you'll make it work. Your priorities will change and you'll have to shift some things around, but you'll figure it out. All of this from a non-mom here! hahahaha... but it's what I hear from all my momma friends.

    Thanks for your comment btw on my blog... I just answered your question in a new post. :-)