Wednesday, April 1, 2009

By this time next month...

DH and I could be HOMEOWNERS!

We have been faithfully looking for the perfect first home during our 2 years of marriage. We have approx a 10% downpayment for our area. We found a house of the size we want, with a great yard, in a fabulous neighborhood, very close to work and play. We will continue to go and look at it a few times to guesstimate the houses' needs. It's very ugly as it's been neglected for some time. But it may be ours in a few weeks if we go ahead and put in an offer. We've asked friends and family to pray on it and are faithfully seeking the right answer. But we both felt this was a great value for our area!

Anybody interested in saying a prayer that it works out for the best and as God intended... thank you :)