Saturday, January 31, 2009

My other job this week...

Apparently it was entering giveaways. I was up really late entering some of them!

But I had fun. Now I just hope I win a few of the things I really loved. Honestly, winning any 1 of the items that I had posted about on here would make me really happy. I hope that some of you were able to find some giveaways you enjoyed out there by visiting my blog and seeing them this week.

DH and I are hoping to attempt chicken broth again this week along with a richer creamier chicken stew recipe! We're trying to hang in there and stay warm so soups, stews and hot chocolate are the bulk of the menu lately. I'm also hoping to improve my cooking (I only have a handful of recipes that I make really well consistently) so that I can start to use more natural, whole foods and less white sugars, white pastas and white flour!

Alright, off to enjoy the weekend snow and cold.



  1. your wish came true, you won the goofy pirate hat on my blog

  2. Hey hun.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog during the bloggy giveaways? Did you win any of tohse items you were wanting to badly? I hope you do.
    You NICU nurses do great things. I give you alot of credit to do the work you do. You can stay in touch with us about Tristan at my God Gave Me You blog, just add us to your blogroll.
    Stay warm!

  3. LOL Thanks for entering in my giveaways!

    Miss Jocelyn