Monday, December 29, 2008

Menu Plan Monday 12/29

I hope I do this correctly. In an attempt to diversify our diets and try new cooking this year I am going to join Org Junkie's "Menu Planning Monday" group and post a weekly link to my menu for the week. They say it's good for the budget and the kitchen so I look forward to finding out if that's true for us!

Monday- Pork pot roast and sauerkraut (very tasty from the crockpot)
Tuesday- Grilled cheese sandwiches and pumpkin soup (using stonewall kitchen pumpkin butter I received as a Christmas present)
Wednesday- Making chicken and vegetable soup from scratch for the first time!
Thursday- Pork pot roast and sauerkraut leftovers (I hope I'm not the only one reheating leftovers for dinner a few nights/week...)
Friday- Turkey and cheese panninis and lentil soup (from some soup mixes we received over the holidays- LOVE THESE GIFTS OF FOOD!)
Saturday- Chicken stirfry with leftover chicken from the soup making Wed night and mixed vegetables I found for 30 cents/can this week which is so uncommon in our grocery stores
Sunday- Chicken alfredo from a box (we found one on sale for 50 cents at the store last week or I would NEVER buy/eat this!) with large salad on the side

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  1. I love food gifts too. And who doesn't love a great sale.

    Happy New Year!