Friday, December 26, 2008

Making my mark on the blogosphere

Good morning.

It's early morning and I'm awake and preparing a blogging adventure. Throughout the fall I've been increasingly humbled by the wonderful and inspirational women I've read about here on the internet. When people are asked to name an inspirational woman they may come up with a famous figure such as "Eleanor Roosevelt" or "Helen Keller". Don't get me wrong- we enjoy the Miracle Worker as much as the next guy everytime we pull it out from our movie collection. But presently, I'm inspired by the many women who find time to serve so many people in their lives with what appears to be very little recognition on a day-to-day basis. Amidst the chaos they keep their faith and spread this hope to others through this phenomenon of online blogging. As I embark on this adventure, I don't know exactly what my mark will be but an initial goal is to be able to communicate with and support some of these inspirational bloggers in a public forum.

Wishing you a happy holiday weekend!

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