Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring is in the air...

The weather has been really lovely this week.

DH and I took a day trip up to the islands. It was a bit too cold to swim or do outdoor activities but the drive in the sunshine was worth it. And with gas under $2/gallon and dunkin donuts gift certificates it made for a reasonably priced day!

Lately I've been bombarded with baby thoughts and dreams. I read a book that said baby dreams often occur around ovulation and for me it was very true this month. However, I also think that rattling around the possibility of having a baby 20 hrs/day has something to do with it too ;) DH admitted he's very scared about lifestyle changes that will accompany a baby. I think he's still in the "wait and see" mindset. Unfortunately, waiting even 5 more years may jeopardize my chances of becoming pregnant without help and require us to consider adoption. Thus, I'd like to "try" sooner than later.

I've found I'm not a very good charter. It's not entirely my fault. As a shiftworker I sleep at all different times of the day and rarely keep the same schedule for more than a few days at a time. But after a year off of the hormones I feel like my body is finally doing some of what it's supposed to do (according to the books) and that I am starting to anticipate length of my cycles and probable ovulation times.

I've began collecting baby outfits on clearance and some small items. I'm looking to really do my best to buy ahead and think positive thoughts. I know DH is not a "baby person" but he does real well with elementary aged children. It's just hard to get him in the mood to make a baby when he looks at them and sees screaming, crying, poop... perhaps he'd feel differently if it was his own and it cooed at him a few times. I personally love (and have always loved) babies and enjoy them at work many days each week.

I feel very fulfilled to have a job that satisfies that need but there are definitely times when my brain and body demand more... I wish DH was more onboard with baby making so we could get started right away. But I'm practicing patience and trusting that God will place a strong desire in his heart once the time is right.

I hope everyone else is enjoying warmer spring weather in their areas as well!


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