Thursday, February 5, 2009

Too many directions...

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This week felt as if DH and I were being pulled in far too many directions. I do believe I've already overextended myself this semester. I've always been a "Type A" personality trying to achieve and feeling proud of my ability to juggle so many things at one time. But once our sleep schedule evolves into the occasional 2-3 hour nap every 16-20 hours it becomes time to reevaluate!

I had a meeting every night this week which pulled me away from home at night and a variety of appointments each morning as well. Perhaps the 6 credits of college courses in addition to full-time work and a community group commitment was a bit ambitious for one semester? Maybe this is a taste of parenting; A lack of sleep and free time coupled with fulfilling a series of non-negotiable responsibilities towards others. Fortunately DH and I are preparing for a few weeks of vacation next week. Sunshine, lazy days, and adventures in foreign lands lie ahead! We're looking forward to one more international trip away together before we start our journey to become parents and expand our family of two.

Lord give me the strength to conquer one more week. I have the feeling that a well-orchestrated break this semester will allow me to return and give my all to the final 10 weeks of the semester! Of course, given the economy and our desire to start a family this year, part of me regrets booking this vacation last spring!


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  1. I definately know the feeling of being overextended! I'm going back to school starting in July so then I will really know the feeling:) So jealous of your vacation!